Sustainable Impact Driven Business Strategy

is your business operating without an impact strategy?

Your business needs a clear strategic roadmap to become a positively impactful force in the world. You also need to deepen your understanding of key sustainability concepts. Most of all, you need strong relationships with like-minded business peers and value-aligned consumers.

Here is your chance to develop legitimate sustainability practices with shareable metrics, together with a purpose-driven brand culture and communications insights.

The Impact Intensive will get you walking the talk. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to expert knowledge, resources, and like-minded peers to support you on your journey.

A fast-paced six-week peer learning cohort for emerging and up-leveling purpose-driven business leaders.
Create Impact. Communicate Impact. Gain Impact Consumers.

This exciting inaugural cohort begins 11 May 2021.

after these exciting six weeks, you’ll be able to:

Influence the business by creating a case for sustainability to allies and decision-makers in your organization.

Measure the impact you are creating with stakeholders, the community, and globally.

Purposely and passionately comprehend your business can and will make the world a better place with the resources you already have. 

Associate and communicate with impact conscious
clients for increased interest, retention and advocacy.

Confidently present your business’s sustainability goals and Impact performance.

Team-up with a supportive network of like-minded business peers.

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    Impact business - Don't quit your day dream

    it starts here

    You see the growing challenges in your community and across the world. You feel your business can and should be doing more. Customers and employees are asking for more impact, but where do you start?

    Should you focus on recycling or diversity? Should you explore carbon offsets or examine your supply chain for unethical practices? 

    And what the hell do all these alphabet soup sustainability terms even mean anyway? ESG? DEI? SRI? SDGs?

    The world of mission-driven business can feel complicated, intimidating, and isolating. That’s why we’ve created the Impact Intensive, a fast-paced six week peer learning cohort for rising purpose-driven business leaders. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the positive impacts you can be creating inside your organization, around your community, and across the globe. You’ll work closely with other like-minded business leaders.

    impact guides

    Join Sirena & Nick on this adventure into impact leadership as we carve out paths that will up-level your business’s environmental, social, and governance practices.

    Sirena Andras - Magic City Innovation with Pink Airstream

    sirena andras

    Brand Strategist & Creative Guru | Creative Chi |


    She’s a Madrid-born, bi-cultural world adventurer, Tai Chi instructor, creative strategist and designer thriving on creativity, connection, purpose, and passion.

    Home-based in Miami Beach’s islands for over 20 years, art directing for luxury publications, developing brand strategy, and crafting visual identity.

    On a mission to make a positive shift in the business world, empowering impact brands with the confidence and clarity of effective strategy and visuals to align and excel in the purpose-driven space. As a certified B-Corporation leader and devotee, She believes that positive corporate culture and responsibility will shift the business ecosystem.

    Nick Beadleston Headshot at the summit of mountain

    nick beadleston

    Founding Partner and Impact Advisor | Good Impacts |


    He’s a paratrooper turned news journalist turned coffee NGO worker turned mission-driven business consultant.

    He is the founding partner at Good Impacts, a niche consulting firm that supports forward-thinking businesses in their bold pivot toward community service and sustainability as the new metrics of profitability.

    His raison d’etre is to support those businesses and industries which are awakening to their incalculable potential for social and environmental good, and as a result, are pivoting toward community service and sustainability as the new metrics of profitability.

    He lives on the shore of the great Mishigami, amid the Jack Pine and Cherry Blossoms, watched over by a Sleeping Bear. But he’s also been known to journey out to the wide world when there’s need for his particular skills. Cast your eyes northwards and give a call. He’ll turn up.

    (Also a LinkedIn message usually works too.)

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    You never change things  by fighting the existing reality.  To change something,  build a new model  that makes the existing model obsolete.

    inagural cohort:

    6 weeks – September 15 – October 20, 2021

    Participants will be able to attend and connect virtually during 6 live 1-hour zoom sessions throughout the 6 weeks.

    Session 1: The Trail Head – Wednesday, Sept. 15, 5- P. M. (EDT)

    Session 2: Core Impact – Wednesday, Sept. 22, 5- P. M. (EDT)

    Session 3: Community Impact – Wednesday, Sept. 29, 5- P. M. (EDT)

    Session 4: Global Impact – Wednesday, Oct. 6, 5- P. M. (EDT)

    Session 5: Impact Communications – Wednesday, Oct. 13, 5- P. M. (EDT)

    Session 6: The Summit – Wednesday, Oct. 20, 5- P. M. (EDT)

    The Journey – In between each live session, there will be self-paced digital sessions and you will be supported to connect in accountability groups to insure meaningful practice and group success. Approximately an additional 1-2 hours per week.


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    Business leaders paving the way for a pivot of the organization, creating a more significant positive impact and attracting quality talent and customers.

    Emerging leaders within a business looking for tools and support in creating a significant environmental and social impact.

    Business Impact leaders delving into the path of B Corporation Certification.

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