Custom Branding

Is your branding feeling flat, uninspiring? Do you remember why you started this business? Are you feeling disconnected from your brand? 

Here are 5 signs it’s time to rebrand your business. We also look at why rebranding is critical to your mission-based business’s success and what your first steps should be once you decide to rebrand.

1 – Your DIY brand has gone as far as it can.

Starting up, you don’t always need a professionally created brand. It’s better to actually launch, even with a DIY, bootstrap brand, than wait for perfection.

Now you can dedicate time, energy, and experience to professional development. It’s time to create a brand that empowers your vision and mission. 

2 – You’re making a shift in your business.

Businesses go through growing pains, and you’re feeling the need to pivot or expand. This is a significant change behind the scenes that need to be reflected throughout. Maybe you’re targeting a new audience, launching a new sustainable product, or shifting to a more elevated impact purpose. Your business is evolving, and your brand needs to make an upgrade to match the new direction.

3 – You’re ready to uplevel.

You are crystal clear on what your mission-based brand purpose is and who you serve. You’ve got traction, and you are so ready for more. It’s time to expand your impact! This means growing your audience, getting higher-level opportunities, and scaling your potential to serve the world. Your brand still feels small and unfocused; it needs to uplevel it as you up-leveled yourself and the business.

4 – You’re not connecting to the right people.

You understand who the dream client is, and you are headed in the right direction, but somehow the people who keep scheduling calls or contacting you are not a good match. This is keeping you from the full business potential and impact. It’s time to get more clarity and flow.

5 – You’re not sure which path to focus on in your brand marketing.

You’ve got lots of ideas and different directions in the business. Which ones should you keep and which you should pass on? Does that new offer make sense? How is your impact best shared? Do people understand? A solid brand foundation is missing, so you don’t have a brand system to run decisions through, you’re stressed, misaligned, and the business feels it.

Where to start?

Forget the lackluster logo, outdated messages, colors, or content. It’s time to embrace who you are TODAY and show up in the world.

You’re worth it – commit!

Committing to the work involved in making that change. It will require a lot of soul searching and getting honest with the business, all worth it in the end.

How much uplevel is it time for?

It’s time to get clear on the next brand step of your business. You get to choose what level of uplevel you’re ready for—lots of research? Self-paced course? Professional strategy & branding? 

Where to turn.

There are many branding options; you must find someone you trust to guide you through the process. Look for brand aesthetics that connect with you and your base, client feedback, and, most importantly, that they have a sound system to approach brand strategy and visual identity.

Do it.

Sounds harsh, but if you’ve got the right guide, it will be incredibly insightful and rewarding. You get to define your audience, solidify your message, and establish a visual design that reflects your mission-driven core and all that your business stands for.

Elevate your brand

You don’t have to be stuck in the fogginess of what your brand foundation is. You can let go of the outdated and find yourself with a mission-based business in correct alignment with the impact you’re here to make in the world. Supported by brand strategy and visuals that empower you to clearly communicate your mission and vision to best serve your clients and the world.


Authentically brand your conscious company with these 3 basic steps



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